Bio Energetic Fuel Saver

The fuel economy of an automobile is generally calculated through the amount of fuel required to move the vehicle to a specific distance. That is, the distance traveled over per unit of fuel used generally indicates fuel mileage. The general terms to calculate fuel mileage are kilometers per liter or miles per gallon.NG bio fuel saving technique enables increased miles per gallon for your vehicle to help you stick to economy and save your pocket from getting lighter that easily. You can save tremendous amount through decreasing your fuel bills and installing this simple non magnetic, non heat generating and non electrical bio energetic fuel saver to your vehicle’s fuel tank.

It works by cooling the air filters in the fuel tank of your vehicle, which enables higher level of atomization and decreases half the quantity of toxic and dreadful emissions from your vehicle. This act of bio fuel savers, adds a lot of support against the green house effect. For which the whole world is striving to find a solution to decrease the intensity of green house effect.NG bio fuel savers ensures increased miles per gallon through its proven results from various levels of experiments and testing. In fact the results about the mileage factor and decreased emission levels when using a bio fuel saver were checked upon several thousands of vehicles of all segments (heavy, light and moderate vehicles) that were made to run several millions of miles at various countries across the globe.

Thus the fact, bio fuel savers increases miles per gallon up to 36% in any segment of vehicle is thoroughly tested and proven. As a result, the United Nations Organization is at present using bio fuel savers. It is very simple in function and easy to use methodology. It also requires no tool for usage and comes with a complete 30 years guarantee.Such an user friendly principle, along with risk free factors, compact nature, advanced technology, with numerous benefits that include increased miles per gallon, less fuel consumption, better atomization, completely reduced toxic emissions, increased gas mileage are all clubbed together in this bio fuel saver technology to fascinate all sensible citizens obviously.

It is stated that, though the primary target of such a technology is to increase atomization of the vehicle, increase its horse power, increase miles per gallon and increase gas mileage, it also gives us the combo effect of eco friendly acts. That is to reduce the toxic exhaustion of carbon hydrogen and other gases tremendously up to 50% of its emission from vehicles. This heavily gives hand to reduce the green house effect.

Over all, Bio fuel savers are 100% safety ensured, results proven and guaranteed product that increases miles per gallon of the vehicle along with complete added support for its technology, compact in nature, and environment friendly. So it is really a wise decision to turn towards bio fuel savers than that of magnetic or electrical fuel savers in order to save fuel consumption for your vehicle and increase its miles per gallon dramatically.