Press Releases

September 6th 2007 - Nigeria
United Nations Organization completes trials on Fuel Saver and commits to use on all Land Cruisers,initial order 100 units.
Comments include: substantial increase in power with excellent fuel savingwith cleaner emissions.

October 16th 2007 - Kenya
United Nations Organization additional trials follow on from Nigeria trials now in discussions for 1000+ additional units.

September 27th 2007
Government of Iraq completes comprehensive trials on government vehicles plus gas powered electrical generating system with spectacular results- Substantial gas saving of approx 15-25% on vehicles with similar or more on generators. From initial order for 100 units.

Agency for BIO energetic Fuelsaver

September 21st 2007
After a successful test with a Peugeot 306 Diesel the BIO energetic Fuel saver save fuel at least from 1.67 KM to 2 KM per Liter Dr. Ancel Farrugia Migneco will found an Agency in Malta for this new kind of bio energetic Fuel saver manufactured by New Generation BIO (N-G) in Austria.

Dr. Farrugia is assured this BE Fuel Saver will be a best seller in Malta. Saving fuel and reducing exhaust gases this will be a fast-selling item because fuel prices rise and the people are more sensible for the greenhouse problem.

Mr. Renner the CEO of N-G welcomes every business partner who wants to become a part of our worldwide net of distributors.

New Generation BIO / Herbert Renner
Kaltenhausen 1
5274 Burgkirchen

After many years of intensive research on the field of invisible energies the Company New Generation BIO is able to change molecular structures in a new and secret, but measurable way. This enables the company to develop many different applications in a very short time.