How the NG Bio Fuel Saver Works

Space between molecular structures posses hidden energy. Every Material has it's own unique information structure. N-G has over 20 years of research into space energy manipulation, enabling an ability to program molecular structures to give a known performance value to a desired application.

You may ask, what is a molecular structure?
A molecular structure is made up of atoms, every atom is defined by the number of electrons, protons and neutrons in it. These three elements are arranged together to form a specific atom, just like the components of DNA are formed to make a specific DNA code.

The atom is encoded with information about how the electrons, protons and neutrons are to arrange themselves in a material formation. N-G is able to use this information within structures to change material characteristics thus bringing out the desired effect.

Forming the above information structure within a material allows N-G to create a bio-energetic field that will influence the structure of the fuel, allowing a cleaner more efficient burning process.